June 01, 2011 – Reminisces

When you like/love someone, there can be moments that turn out to be very humorous in hindsight. Like this girl whom I have always admired from afar, but never had the guts to talk to. Maybe my tongue gets tied when she even looks at me. Be that as it may, the other day she was sitting behind a half partition that hid her so that only her right arm was visible from shoulder to fingers and she was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, the bangle on her wrist aroused my senses like crazy, and for no reason at all, I felt so intrigued by that sight that words fail me. Her fair skin was just the starting point, but there’s no defining limit for the end point. Yet, there was no lust involved, just a feeling of being aroused to a degree. Why do some people read more than what is apparent fails to appeal to me as much as, if not more than, those people who never read anything in a literally rich and apparently real situation.